Most awaited new animes seasons of Fall 2019

Most awaited new animes seasons of Fall 2019

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Finally! The long wait is over. Fresh seasons of our favorite animes are soon to be served.

Watch out there will be some spoilers, even though we tried to keep them to a minimum. So if you haven’t caught up with the mangas or animes listed below, it’s not too late to avoid some potential big spoilers!

Here is a list of anime with the new seasons you have been waiting for.


1. Food Wars: The Fourth Plate


Will our favorite chefs be able to save the Totsuki Academy from the tyrannical rule of Azami Nakiri?


Previous Season Recap:

The third season of Food Wars is composed of two arcs: Moon Festival and the Central’s Advancement Exam.

In the first part, Soma Yukihira challenges the Council member Terunori Kuga for a showdown during the Moon Festival. The event was interrupted when Azami Nakiri appeared and declared himself to be the new headmaster of Totsuki Academy.

Yukihira and his crew opposed the authoritative ruling of Azami’s Central. However, the rebels were targeted to be expelled through the Central’s Advancement Exam.

To defend the future of Totsuki Academy, Yukihira, Erina, and even Joichiro, joined forces to defeat the Elite 10 and the Central.  


What to expect in the upcoming season?

The next season will pick up where we were left off. The shokugeki that will determine the future of Tostsuki Academy will be left in the hands of Soma and Erina against the deceptive tactics of Azami.

Fair play or not, the winner will always be the one with the most delicious food served!


Released Date: October 2019



2. Psycho-Pass SS: Sinners of The System


Previous Season Recap:

In the dystopic and authoritarian future, every citizen is under the gaze of the Sybil system. Their Psycho-Pass are scanned to quantify their mental state and criminal tendencies. Once it exceeds the standards, the authorities will be alerted, and the deviant will be executed.

Inspector Akane Tsunemori continues her duty to hunt down criminals who are unregistered in the Sybil system. Among them is Kamui, a meticulous criminal, who aims to reveal the real nature of the system.


What to expect in the upcoming season?

Psycho-Pass SS: Sinners of the System will continue to pose philosophical questions about our values and morality.

Is common judgment better than our own? Make a stand after watching this season.


Released Date: October 2019


3. New Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath of the Gods


Previous Season Recap

Hendrickson finally lost to the hands of The Seven Deadly Sins. However, he wasn’t completely defeated.  Using the Ten Commandments, a demon clan, he once again brought chaos to the Kingdoms of Liones and Camelot.

After the war, a secret about the identity Meliodas was revealed. Despite this, Elizabeth promised that she will always be there for him.


What to expect in the upcoming season?

The revelation of Meliodas’ identity will unravel more secrets. Will he still be able to protect Elizabeth? Will Brittania ever be in peace?

Discover the truth and answers in this season.


Released Date: October 2019


4. My Hero Academia 4


Previous Season Recap:

Deku is ready to take the path of becoming a true hero – so is Class 1-A!

Summer is the perfect time to relax. But, with the arrival of the new generation of heroes, relaxation is never an option for Deku and his friends. After all, for aspiring heroes as themselves, summer does not only mean training camp, but also the League of Villains, provisional licensure examination, and even the end of the hero society!


What to expect in the upcoming season?

It’s time for the internship! Is Class 1-A prepared for learning and working under different heroes? Will they be able to prevent the imminent danger brought by more powerful enemies?


Released Date: October 2019



5. High Score Girl II


Recap: High Score Girl

Yaguchi Haruo, also known as "Beastly Fingers", ruled over the arcade gaming scene. However, his streak was stopped when his classmate Ōno Akira beat him consecutively and mercilessly. Competing together, they were able to build a strange yet romantic relationship with each other.


What to expect in the upcoming season?

The gaming scenes between Yaguchi and Ōno will become more competitive as their relationship with each other progress.

High Score Girl II is going to make you laugh and feel butterflies in your stomach, again.


Released Date: October 2019



So which of those animes are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comment section!

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