Most Anticipated New Anime of Fall 2019

Most Anticipated New Anime of Fall 2019

Published : 06/08/2019 - Categories : Manga and anime news

Most Anticipated New Anime of Fall 2019


We are more than halfway through finishing this year! That means we are few just a few weeks away from the exhilarating animes that are about to come this Fall of 2019.

If you enjoyed Dr. Stone, Fire Force, and Vinland Saga this summer, these new animes we listed below are going to thrill you even more.

After all, summer is never over with these animes’ sizzling and mind-boggling adventures.


1. Special Crime Investigation Unit - Special 7



In the year 2x19, the peaceful Tokyo was disturbed by “Nine”, a criminal group which seeks the power of the dragons to change the world.

Ages ago, it was believed that dragons ruled of the world. They stood above all creatures – elves, dwarves, vampires, homunculi, and humans. However, they disappeared leaving seven dragons behind.

As the year passed, these dragons’ appearance has changed and resembled those of humans. Soon, the dragons walked among mankind.

To battle against “Nine”, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department has formed a special unit composed of highly skilled but eccentric individuals - the Special Crime Investigation Unit - Special 7. This unit is composed of experts who have abilities beyond the average humans.

Now, a rookie Seiji Nanatsuki joins the gang. Unlike the peculiar members, he has rather a very strict worldview. Will Nanatuski ever fit in the misfits of Special 7? Will he ever attain his own sense of justice?


Why you should watch this?

Special Crime Investigation Unit - Special 7 is an action-packed anime which involves solving crimes and outwitting those who attempt to take over the world.

If you enjoy a perfect blend of humor and action weaved through an interesting narrative, this anime is definitely going to hook you.

Join Nanatsuki and the Special 7 as they try to find a compromise in their methods, perspectives, and values.

Solve crimes in the best and exciting way possible.


Release date: October 2019


2. Assassin’s Pride



Merida Angel was born into a world where only those born to an aristocrat family have the mana to fight against monsters. However, even as a noble-born, Merida possesses no mana. Nonetheless, she attends an academy where she remains unclassified.

To ensure that Merida will someday discover her talent, a noble-born Kufa Vanpiel was ordered to tutor her. However, Kufa has a secret mission: if he happens to determine that Merida really does not have the power to possess mana, he must assassinate her.

With this, Kufe vowed on his assassin’s pride to do everything he can to help Merida unlock her potential.

Will Merida ever discover her talents? If not, can Kufa really live up to his duty and assassinate her? You find out.


Why you should watch this?

If you are fond of fantasy anime filled with unresolvable conflicts and heartbreaks, Assassins’ Pride is definitely going to make your heart skip and gasp for air.

Is it really fair to end Merida just because she is born different?


Release date: October 2019


3. Beastars



In a world populated by civilized anthropomorphic animals, herbivores and carnivores strive to coexist despite their cultural differences. However, for the adolescent students of Cherryton Academy, their daily lives are filled with optimism, passion, and suspicions.

Beastars focuses on the drama club’s member Legoshi, a misunderstood wolf feared by its fellow animals. Little did the other beasts know that behind Legoshi’s scary appearance, he rather has a kind heart.

However, one fateful night, Tem the alpaca was brutally murdered by a suspected carnivore beast. This sparked a deep distrust between the students.

Can the herbivore and the carnivores really live peacefully with each other?


Why you should watch this?

Are curious about how furries live together? Discover how beasts overcome their instincts in order to maintain social harmony and order.

This anime will make you question about your own biases against yourself and others, and how you can cope with it for the sake of coexistence.

Join the furry fandom with Beastars.


Release date: October 2019


4. Hoshiai no Sora



The middle school soft tennis club is about to be disbanded, and only its team members can make a miracle to stop this from happening.

Itsuki Amano, the shortest member of the soft tennis club, often speaks unkindly to others. His tactless blabbering can only be stopped by Rintaro. However, Rintaro, the vice president of the club, has started to lose his confidence ever since the star player Maki joined the team.

Can these boys overcome their differences? Will the tennis club reach new heights and stop its fate from being disbanded?


Why you should watch this?

If you are after an anime which shows a young man’s journey in life, you might want to walk with Amano and Rintaro.

Join the pair as they grow together and discover new meanings through their passion.


Release date: October 2019


5. Ahiro No Sora


Despite being short and weak, Sora strives to pursue his dream to win his first high school basketball tournament. However, as he transferred to Kuzuryuu High School, he discovered that the school’s basketball team is a den for delinquents.

Can Sora revive the Kuzuryuu basketball team through his passion for the game? Will he ever fulfill his mother’s wish for him to dominate the tournament?


Why you should watch this?

If you are looking for a sports anime which can make your adrenaline rush in every episode, you definitely should watch Ahiro No Sora.

Witness how a passionate boy transforms a team of delinquents into a basketball team that will exceed everyone’s expectation.


Release date: October 2019



Does this list of anime entice you? Stay tuned as next, we’re going to tell you the most awaited anime season this Fall of 2019.



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