Best Video Games to Gift for Each Platform - Christmas 2019 - Part 2

Best Video Games to Gift for Each Platform - Christmas 2019 - Part 2

Published : 08/12/2019 - Categories : Video games news




It's time for the second part our list of games to get for Christmas, either for yourself or a loved one. After last's week article covering the PS4 and the Switch, it's time to tackle the games XBox One and PC. Let's go!


Xbox One

Gears 5

Other Platform(s): PC

Description: Xbox One does not really have a lot of exclusives this year, and if they have, I am pretty sure you can also play it on PC as they are really thinning the line on what you can consider exclusive to their console. Gears 5 is the sixth installment of the Gears of War series, and the direct sequel of the events the campaign of Gears of War 4 and Gears of War: Ascendance.


In this game, you play as Kait Diaz, an Outsider of Locus descent. Prominent characters also return such as James Dominic “JD” Fenix from the previous game, and even Marcus Fenix, the original protagonist of the trilogy is in the game as well.


Visually, Gears 5 is probably the most vibrant in the series as you travel from one detailed environment such as a jungle to another well-made cityscape. As for the gameplay, it is what it is, just like the saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. You shoot and wreck enemies in a very satisfying way.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Other Platform(s): PlayStation 4, PC

Description: If you are a huge fan of the Star Wars franchise, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is definitely a must-have as it is a full-blown single-player game that is a few years after the events of Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith. It is highly acclaimed and probably one of the best Star Wars game out there as it features both stunning graphics and a pretty good storyline that introduces new lore and visits the ones from the main movies.


You play as Cal Kestis (Cameron Monaghan), a surviving Jedi Padawan, who now works as a scrapper of sorts after he escaped the events of Order 66. After an incident involving Cal’s friend, which he saved using the Force, he is now being hunted by several enemies who work for the Galactic Empire.


As for the gameplay, it emphasizes exploration with bits of platforming and backtracking from time to time. It also has a good combat system that is quite similar to Souls series, which fits perfectly as you play as a Jedi Padawan as you can use both the force and your lightsabers to defeat enemies.

The Outer Worlds

Other Platform(s): PlayStation 4, PC

Description: Obsidian Entertainment has done it again with their new IP, The Outer Worlds. It has been nominated on several categories in the Game Critic Awards and even won the “Best Original Game” award.


The game takes place on an alternate version of our world where the future has been changed drastically, and the world and the galaxy are ruled by corporate feudalism. If you have played Fallout: New Vegas, then you are in for a treat as this game has the same in-depth narrative with numerous dialogue choices that may change the outcome of the story.


As an RPG, your character will be created from your liking, and you will unlock a ship of your own, which you can use to travel from one area to another. In battles, you can use a variety of weapons, both melee and ranged to deal against enemies. Stealth is also an option or just persuade the NPC to avoid fighting completely. As you progress in the game, completing quests, fighting enemies, you gain experience points that you can use to improve yourself and earn perks that make your journey a tad easier. There is so much to explore in the game that it is definitely a Game of the Year material.


Red Dead Redemption 2

Other Platform(s): Xbox One, PlayStation 4

Description: Finally, Rockstar Games has given us one of the best games last year, Red Dead Redemption 2. It is basically a western-themed Grand Theft Auto, if not better. The story is also a prequel of the events of the first game.


You play as Arthur Morgan who is one of the founding members of Van der Linder gang. Red Dead Redemption 2 is an open-world game, and thus, it has a bunch of side quests and randomized events that you can do, and even mini-games such as fishing or hunting. There is also an Honor system, just like in its predecessors, which changes how you interact with the NPCs in the game and it changes the story in a huge way.


Steam version will be released this December, but you can now buy the game on Epic Games or on Rockstar Games itself.

Planet Zoo

Other Platform(s): N/A

Description: I consider Frontier Developments as one of the best developers in terms of management-simulation games, as proven with their theme park management sim, Planet Coaster, and dinosaur management sim, Jurassic World Evolution. This time around, they developed Planet Zoo, which we can call as the spiritual successor of Zoo Tycoon.


In this game, let your creativity go wild and build the best zoo for the animals under your care as they need to be fed and hydrated properly, and their habitats must be clean to prevent disease. Think of them like actual beings, which can be stressful on its own considering they can overbreed themselves if you do not check them regularly. The staff also needs to be paid decently as well, and the audience should be able to enjoy their time visiting your zoo. You are also able to manage different zoos with different climates giving you an extra challenge on how to handle each of them.


If you do not want to stress yourself in managing the zoo, you can opt-in on the sandbox mode where you can build the ultimate zoo with unlimited cash and resources. On the other hand, you can also play online with the Franchise Mode and trade your animals to other players and vice versa.

Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout

Other Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4

Description: Atelier Ryza is the 21st main entry of the Atelier series. No need to play other Atelier games since this features new gameplay aspects as well, so this is a perfect entry point for those new players that want to get into the series. However, be mindful that this game is best played with a controller instead of a keyboard and mouse.


You play as Ryza, an ordinary girl who escapes from her village feeling bored to live a thrilling life full adventures. As a JRPG, the game is visually amazing, and it is the best-looking Atelier game to date. As for the gameplay, you may gather materials using a handful of tools such as scythes, axes, and more, and using them all is key to getting all the materials you need. Once you gather all the materials you need, you can now craft better equipment with its complex crafting system.


The combat system has been changed as well from the traditional turn-based combat system to a more fast-paced, still turn-based combat system similar to Final Fantasy IX. However, you only control one of your party members, while the AI will do the work for the other members. It is recommended to do follow-up attacks to maximize the damage.


Lastly, you can customize your hideout such as changing the furniture or even the walls and roof.

And that's it for our list of the best game to get as a gift for Christmas this year! What are the games you are planning to get? Let us know!

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